Fist of Fury (1972) + Extras (Criterion) (1080p BluRay x265 HEVC 10bit EAC3 1 0


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Fist of Fury (1972) + Extras (Criterion) (1080p BluRay x265 HEVC 10bit EAC3 1 0
  • Release date: 9 Sep 1972
  • Release year: 1972
  • Runtime: 107 mintues
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Budget: $100,000
Returning to Shanghai to marry his fiancée, Chen Zhen (Bruce Lee) a student of renowned martial arts teacher Huo Yuanjia, discovers his sifu has died. During the funeral, members of a local Japanese dojo show up and insult the Chinese students. The bullying continues, with Chen fighting back, but when he discovers the truth - that his teacher was poisoned on the orders of the dojo's master - he sets off on a doomed mission of revenge.

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Fist of Fury (1972) (1080p BluRay x265 SAMPA).mkv (7.8 GB)
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Fist of Fury (1972) (1080p BluRay x265 SAMPA).mkv 5.6 GB
Alternate Ending.mkv 40.6 MB
Alternate Opening Credits.mkv 79.3 MB
Interview with Yuen Wah.mkv 218.9 MB
Matthew Polly on Fist of Fury.mkv 95.2 MB
Menu.mkv 3 MB
Remembering Fist of Fury (Part 1) - Jason Tobin.mkv 199.5 MB
Remembering Fist of Fury (Part 2) - Isaac Florentine.mkv 294.2 MB
Stills Gallery.mkv 26.5 MB
Theatrical Trailers.mkv 465.4 MB
US TV Spot 1.mkv 8.1 MB
US TV Spot 2.mkv 8 MB
Blade of Fury - Riki Hashimoto.mkv 120.6 MB
Fist of Fury Location Guide With Bey Logan.mkv 54.5 MB
Master of Bushido - Jun Katsumura.mkv 109.9 MB
The First Lady - Nora Miao.mkv 204.8 MB
First Among Equals - Dan Inosanto (Part 1).mkv 104 MB
First Among Equals - Dan Inosanto (Part 2).mkv 40.3 MB
Legacy of a Master - Jeff Imada.mkv 85.9 MB
Tracking the Dragon - Linda Palmer.mkv 30.5 MB
01 Fist Of Fury (Main Theme).m4a 5.1 MB
02 The Death Of Teacher.m4a 6.5 MB
03 We Are Not Sick Men.m4a 9.2 MB
04 Leave Shanghai.m4a 6.8 MB
05 I Shall Be Waiting Here.m4a 3 MB
06 Why Did You Kill My Teacher.m4a 2.8 MB
07 I Love You As Much As I Always Did.m4a 12 MB
08 Fist Of Fury.m4a 12.1 MB
09 Finale.m4a 4.4 MB
10 Fist Of Fury (End Titles).m4a 4.2 MB
11 Fist Of Fury [Mandarin].m4a 2.9 MB
12 Fist Of Fury (Another Version).m4a 2.8 MB
13 Also Sprach Zarathustra.m4a 1.8 MB


IMDb (7.4/10)


Action, Drama, Romance, Thriller


Wei Lo


Bruce Lee, Nora Miao, James Tien, Maria Yi

Plot Summary

A young man seeks vengence for the death of his teacher.

Note from Encoder

This an encode of the Criterion
Bruce Lee: Greatest Hits
set. For this I decided to combine it with the Shout Factory BluRay and Hong Kong Legends DVDs for extra featurettes and commentary tracks. Audio is Mandarin (Mono)(EAC3) with the English and Cantonese dubs. All Extras are in English. Original Soundtrack and Remastered Score Included.

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