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[PimpMyMind] RSD Luke - Social Circle Blueprint 2.0


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Interview #1. Hancel.mp4 1.5 GB
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Module-1-Action-Plan.pdf 296.8 KB
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Module_3_Action_Plan.pdf 300.2 KB
Read Me.txt 716 B
01. Welcome To The Social Circle Blueprint 2.0.mp4 266.6 MB
02. The SCB 2.0 30 Day Challenge (Infield Breakdown & Action Plans).mp4 193.5 MB
01. Introduction to Mindset Module.mp4 138.2 MB
02. What Game Was Like Before Social Circle.mp4 379.5 MB
03. History Of Social Circle Game.mp4 472.2 MB
04. With & Without Social Circle.mp4 391.3 MB
05. Before You Begin Your Social Circle.mp4 499.1 MB
06. Real Natural Game.mp4 440 MB
07. Core Confidence vs Situational Confidence.mp4 354.6 MB
08. Container Events.mp4 357.7 MB
09. Cold Approach vs Social Circle Game.mp4 359.4 MB
10. Entourage Game.mp4 373.7 MB
11. Social Media Extension - Mindset.mp4 351.6 MB
01. Defining Your Life Introduction.mp4 101 MB
02. Defining The Women You Want.mp4 421.2 MB
03. Defining The Female Friends You Want.mp4 338.6 MB
04. Defining The Long Term Relationships You Want.mp4 371.3 MB
05. Luke’s Navy Seal Program.mp4 365.9 MB
06. Defining The High-Status Male Friends You Want.mp4 341.6 MB
07. Defining Your Best Friend & Confidant.mp4 343.5 MB
08. Defining The Logistics You Want.mp4 386.8 MB
09. Defining The Nightlife Access You Want.mp4 378.5 MB
10. Defining The Lifestyle Access You Want.mp4 343.5 MB
11. Defining The Fashion Style You Want.mp4 372.6 MB
12. Social Media Extension - Defining The Social Media Presence You Want.mp4 347 MB
13. Defining The Career Path You Want.mp4 357.4 MB
01. Cultivate Your Environment Introduction.mp4 125.8 MB
02. The You Army.mp4 486.9 MB
03. The Fickle 500.mp4 456.1 MB
04. Driving Through People’s Networks.mp4 425.7 MB
05. Selecting The Optimum Venues.mp4 594.7 MB
06. Social Media Extension - Reconnaissance.mp4 364.2 MB
07. Accessing Venues Part 1.mp4 612.6 MB
08. Accessing Venues Part 2.mp4 453.5 MB
09. Table Game.mp4 386.5 MB
10. High-End Events & Photography Game.mp4 514.6 MB
11. Charity Events.mp4 319.8 MB
12. Travel Destinations.mp4 454.3 MB
13. Photoshoots.mp4 528 MB
01. How To Own Your Environment Introduction.mp4 67.4 MB
02. When You First Walk Into A Venue.mp4 516.6 MB
03. Building Social Proof On Your First Night.mp4 408.4 MB
04. Building Preselection On Your First Night.mp4 250.8 MB
05. Building Social Proof Long Term.mp4 397.6 MB
06. Building Pre-Selection Long Term.mp4 250.8 MB
07. Cold Approach Within Social Circle Game.mp4 398.9 MB
08. How To Game In A Top-Down Approach.mp4 300.6 MB
09. How To Game At Tables.mp4 460.2 MB
10. Setting Up Container Events.mp4 342.8 MB
11. Setting Up Advanced Container Events.mp4 347 MB
12. Social Circle Game With A Pivot.mp4 332.2 MB
13. Social Circle Game With A Wing.mp4 292 MB
01. How To Close From Your Environment Introduction.mp4 103.8 MB
02. Gaming At Your Container Events.mp4 588.3 MB
03. Value Arbitrage.mp4 595.7 MB
04. Logistics.mp4 568.3 MB
05. Building Comfort & Trust.mp4 437.8 MB
06. Building Attraction.mp4 416.4 MB
07. How Your Environment Games For You.mp4 361.6 MB
08. Pulling From High Value Areas.mp4 330.9 MB
09. How To Pull Groups & Not Wreck Your Interaction By Isolating.mp4 336.3 MB
10. The Pleasure Bubble.mp4 233.7 MB
11. RSD Teach Sex Session 1.mp4 359.5 MB
12. RSD Teach Sex Session 2.mp4 321.8 MB
13. RSD Teach Sex Session 3.mp4 345 MB
Bonus #2. How To Build DEEP COMFORT.mp4 432.1 MB
SCB 2.0 Bonus #2A. RSD Teach Sex Session. How To Dominate In The Bedroom.mp4 744.7 MB
SCB 2.0 Bonus #2C. Celebrity Game.mp4 322.1 MB
SCB 2.0 Bonus #3. Same Night Lays.mp4 689.6 MB
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How Did A Delinquent Farm Kid from Bumfuck, Wisconsin Grow To Cultivate A Celebrity-Like Social Lifestyle…

… Dating Cocktail Waitresses & Maxim Models, Making High-Status Millionaire Friends, Getting Free Exotic Vacations & Aligning With An Army Of Loyal Friends That Consistently Invite Him To The Most Exclusive Events Around The World?

What up? Luke here,
Do you feel like there is a “glass ceiling” to the quality of relationships you find yourself in?

You know what I am talking about. You go out, weekend after weekend, struggling through hundreds of rejections… occasionally getting into a conversation you are marginally excited about…

… you scroll through Tinder and Bumble, barely getting any matches and having conversations that fizzle out…

You have the desire…
You have the drive…
You have the vision for the type of relationship you want…
You want to get this area of your life HANDLED…

But SOMETHING is BLOCKING your success…

Every time you approach a person you really like, they don’t engage…
You can’t get into the venues for quality networking…
You don’t have the baseline level of STATUS needed to keep interest…
You don’t have the epic crew of men to give you the social proof you need…

There is a limit, a cap, a glass-ceiling to the quality relationships you can attract.

The struggle and disappointment wears you down. Weeks turn into months, months turn into years and years into NEVER.

With each passing day, your passion for living in abundance of success, your drive to get your dream relationship fades, and you start to SETTLE.
This GRIND Is What Extinguishes the Masculine Spark In Most Men…

The rejection, the struggle and the failure is TOO MUCH for them to take.

Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be… they think. Maybe I am too ugly… Maybe I don’t make enough money… They start to fall off at work, they ignore their friends… they sleep in and fall into a dreaded downward spiral…

What happened to the dreams that got us into social circles in the first place? Dreams of intimate and fulfilling relationships? Of stunners and success? Of boat parties in Miami and bottle service with your boys in Vegas?

I’m here to tell you that those dreams ARE POSSIBLE. I have lived them myself, met dozens of men living them now and most importantly, for YOU, I have been able to train THOUSANDS more to make those dreams REAL.

I want to introduce you to…
A Modern System To Rig The Arena & Get You
The Successful Life You Are After
I didn’t set out to be the world’s go-to expert on networking and relationships by building social circles… it happened out of necessity…

For the past decade, I have been helping thousands of men across the world build their social lifestyle to attract stunning women.

My unique coaching style first provides a framework to systematize your social life and then instills in you the social skills and intelligence to foster lasting connections with those that will accelerate your success with relationships and with LIFE.

It started in my early 20’s, like all red-blooded american boys, all I really thought about was hot women…

… and by ACCIDENT I DISCOVERED that meeting women through social circle was 10X more powerful than approaching her alone…

Here’s the backstory…

Before I got into social circle, I was a dating instructor. I taught hundreds of Bootcamps, slogging it out in the field every weekend for nearly 5 years.

I got instructor level good really fast, but I noticed that there was a “glass ceiling”… every time my students or I would socialize in high-status areas, we couldn’t get results with the highest quality people that were at tables.

None of the methods that we were running would work. It was almost like they didn’t even consider us as an option…
Then, one night, I GOT INSIDE THE VELVET ROPES… I met a guy that ran a model house in NYC and he OPENED MY EYES to a powerful new way to socialize.

I became fast friends with ONE GUY and he introduced me to the HOTTEST WOMEN I have ever met.

This is where I had my “ah-ha” moment and I realized… I was ONE FRIEND AWAY from getting access to dozens of connections…

I thought… why am I making this so damn hard?

To quote my good friend, Owen Cook… that’s playing CHESS NOT CHECKERS.

So, for the past 10 years, I have been testing, tweaking, refining and crafting my unique system for filling my life with high-value friends and an absurd amount of VIPs.

I didn’t start off as a gregarious social chameleon, no, I was a loner, a nerdy coder that just wanted to live a life of MY CHOOSING.

After going through years of trial and error and putting the pieces of this puzzle together, I am proud to bring my system to YOU. To save you the pain and headache that I had to go through to learn these practical and highly effective skills.
QUESTION FOR YOU: Have you ever made a successful connection solely based on where you were standing?

Sound impossible?

No way… you might be thinking…

But it happens…

In the major leagues… it happens EVERY DAY.

I remember being SHOCKED and slightly confused the first time this happened to me right outside a Vegas DJ Booth.

This was another one of those ah-ha moments…

This wild experience taught me that, in life, much like High School, there is an “in crowd” and the outsiders.

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