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[PimpMyMind] RSD Max - Fearless


05. Debrief Armageddon.MP4 (29.2 GB)
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05. Debrief Armageddon.MP4 1.5 GB
01. Intro.MP4 15.9 MB
02. Debrief Mayhem.MP4 367.7 MB
03. Debrief Insanity.MP4 280.8 MB
04. Debrief Cataclysm.MP4 358.8 MB
06. Debrief Rampage.MP4 1 GB
07. Debrief Force.MP4 923.8 MB
08. Debrief Power.MP4 511.6 MB
09. Debrief Blast.MP4 877.1 MB
10. Debrief Resurrection.MP4 541 MB
11. Debrief Supernova.MP4 611 MB
12. Debrief Inferno.MP4 566.3 MB
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Read Me.txt 716 B
00. Intro.MP4 326.2 MB
01. What Fear Does to You.MP4 493.2 MB
02. Fear Is In Your Body.MP4 266.1 MB
03. Is Fear Good Or Bad.MP4 390.9 MB
04. Initiate The Reprogramming.MP4 324.2 MB
05. Base Fears Intro.MP4 116.2 MB
06. Fear Of What Other People Think Of Me.MP4 305.3 MB
07. Fear Of Escalation, Polarizing & Being Sexual.MP4 397.4 MB
08. Fear Of Running Out Of Things To Say.MP4 333.3 MB
09. Fear Of Rejection.MP4 426.1 MB
10. Fear Of Not Being Good Enough.MP4 467.7 MB
11. Fear Of Loud Environments.MP4 160.1 MB
12. Achieving Fearlessness & Confidence.MP4 370.4 MB
13. Triggers Of Fear.MP4 288.4 MB
14. Dare To Fear.MP4 485.7 MB
15. You Are Not Alone.MP4 404.8 MB
16. You’re Missing Out.MP4 252.6 MB
17. Alcohol And Fearlessness.MP4 332.5 MB
18. Warm Ups & Techniques.MP4 536.6 MB
19. Bonus - Excuses.MP4 634.2 MB
20. Bonus - The Ugly Lies You Tell Yourself.MP4 433.7 MB
00. Introduction.MP4 92.2 MB
Challenge #01 - Take A Shower.MP4 159.9 MB
Challenge #02 - Eye Contact.MP4 144.4 MB
Challenge #03 - Applause.MP4 123.3 MB
Challenge #04 - Compliments.MP4 174.8 MB
Challenge #05 - The Phone Call.MP4 124.7 MB
Challenge #06 - It's A Good Day.MP4 80 MB
Challenge #07 - Direct Approaching.MP4 331.4 MB
Challenge #08 - The Floor.MP4 123.1 MB
Challenge #09 - Always Be Closing.MP4 630.6 MB
Challenge #10 - Tell A Joke.MP4 245.2 MB
Challenge #11 - Football.MP4 126.1 MB
Challenge #12 - Crash and Burn.MP4 286.8 MB
Challenge #13 - No Questions.MP4 375.7 MB
Challenge #14 - Just A Few Words.MP4 305 MB
Challenge #15 - The Piggyback Ride.MP4 94.9 MB
Challenge #16 - The Restaurant.MP4 102.6 MB
Challenge #17 - Order A Burger.MP4 101.4 MB
Challenge #18 - Coffee.MP4 303.3 MB
Challenge #19 - Your Favourite Song.MP4 135.2 MB
Challenge #20 - Without Words.MP4 178.7 MB
Challenge #21 - Just 20 Minutes.MP4 280.6 MB
Challenge #22 - I Hate to Interrupt.MP4 276.2 MB
Challenge #23 - Like A Virgin.MP4 231.9 MB
Challenge #24 - I'm A Loser, Baby.MP4 199.6 MB
Challenge #25 - Public Transport.MP4 387.9 MB
Challenge #26 - The Dance Floor.MP4 463.9 MB
Challenge #27 - Re-approach.MP4 378.9 MB
Challenge #28 - My Favourite Movie.MP4 166.1 MB
Challenge #29 - The Store.MP4 189.1 MB
Challenge #30 + 31 - Mixed Sets.MP4 581.8 MB
Challenge #32 - Garlic.MP4 810.9 MB
Challenge #33 - Confessions.MP4 123.2 MB
Max's First Ever Infield.MP4 334 MB
02. Confession #01.MP4 194.6 MB
03. Confession #02.MP4 158.2 MB
04. Confession #03.MP4 94.2 MB
05. Confession #04.MP4 133.4 MB
06. Confession #05.MP4 132.1 MB
07. Confession #06.MP4 108.2 MB
08. Confession #07.MP4 167.2 MB
09. Confession #08.MP4 85.3 MB
10. Confession #09.MP4 137.6 MB
11. Confession #10.MP4 79.5 MB
12. Confession #11.MP4 138.2 MB
02. I’m in public and I’m scared.MP4 34.5 MB
03. I’m feeling resistance.MP4 49.2 MB
04. I’m about to hit a club-bar.MP4 46.9 MB
05. I see a hot girl - girls.MP4 30.3 MB
06. Quick fix to get over Approach Anxiety.MP4 28.7 MB
07. I just did a challenge and it was painful.MP4 25.9 MB
08. I bailed out, kick my ass!.MP4 30.9 MB
09. I did a challenge and it was epic.MP4 19.8 MB
10. I can’t handle rejection.MP4 37.7 MB
11. Breeeaaathe.MP4 43.1 MB
12. Am I alone in this.MP4 37.3 MB
02. I'm In Public And I'm Scared.mp3 3.5 MB
03. I'm Feeling Resistance.mp3 4.6 MB
04. I’m about to hit a club.bar.mp3 3.9 MB
05. I See A Hot Girl.Girls.mp3 2.9 MB
06. Quick fix to get over Approach Anxiety.mp3 2.7 MB
07. I just did a challenge and it was painful.mp3 2.6 MB
08. I Just Bailed Out, Kick My Ass.mp3 53.6 MB
09. I did a challenge and it was epic.mp3 1.9 MB
10. I Can't Handle Rejection.mp3 3.5 MB
11. Breatheee.mp3 5.4 MB
12. Am I Alone In This.mp3 3.6 MB
Discord Community.url 102 B
The Player.pdf 922.1 KB
The Natural Vault Webinar #1.MP4 852.8 MB
The Natural Vault Webinar #2.MP4 855.7 MB
The Natural Vault Webinar #3.MP4 460.7 MB
The Natural Vault Webinar #4.MP4 365 MB
The Natural Vault Webinar #5.MP4 539.4 MB
The Natural Vault Webinar #6.MP4 674.6 MB
Derek Audio Tapes #1.mp3 64.2 MB
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Was geht ab! This is Max from Real Social Dynamics, and I have a question for you: Are you someone who suffers from Fear or Approach Anxiety? When you go out, do you experience feelings of self-doubt, maybe even self-hatred, shyness What about other negative thoughts, such as nervousness? Its easy because the Fears of your past have a profound effect on your NOW.

They have a profound effect on your self-expression.

They have a profound effect on your ability to let go and have fun.

They have a profound effect on the very girl youre talking to.

But most importantly they have an effect on your ability to put into ACTION what youre learning in our RSD videos.

But the question is:

To what extent?

To what extent is you fear actually keeping you from getting BETTER RESULTS?



Im afraid of getting rejected

Im afraid of approaching that attractive girl

Im afraid of running out of things to say

Im afraid of that other guy shes here with

Im afraid Im not good enough

Im afraid of the other people that are going to judge me

Im afraid Im a loser, Im inexperienced

You know,

This last year has been a really really crazy experience for me.

I had just released The Natural, I had just wrapped up three years of crazy touring and traveling

And, it was extremely satisfying and humbling, but also extremely draining for me.

I was happy to see all my students, all of the guys watching my videos getting AMAZING RESULTS.

Amping it up, becoming a better version of themselves – I was very proud and very humbled by that.

But at the same time, I knew its not time to go all-out, and really go pedal to the metal – I had been doing that for years already.

For me – this was not really a time to celebrate, this was not a time push hard or to go all-out.

This was a time to relax a time to let go, to breathe, to take a little rest.

To nurture the side of me that I havent nurtured in a long while.

It was time to just be Max.

The guy that loves to play Playstation, the guy whos chilling, reading books

Not expanding but actually contracting.

I settled down in one place, and for the first time in years – I took my time to process this crazy roller-coaster whirlwind experience of the last couple years.

I had traveled around the world 3 times

I had been with all these girls always chasing the next 10, the next 10

I had taught hundreds of seminars

And while I was extremely proud of all that success

Something came back something that I thought I had already conquered.

I realized


Fear came back Shyness came back

Thought I conquered it, but in reality – I was just covering it up.

With all the traveling, with all the girls, with all the success

But I realized something this wasnt just my fear.

We are ALL sharing this fear.

The guys out there in the clubs doing approaches, the guys at my seminars, even the students at my bootcamps.

We are all carrying around this fear

This fear of past traumatic experiences, past downfalls, past rejections.

Its that we dont know what to do when it comes to attracting girls


We are afraid to put ourselves out there, afraid of sticking out, of being judged, of being rejected

We are afraid and that fear HURTS US DEEPLY

So, I made conquering this fear my new mission.

I made alleviating you from approach anxiety my new goal.


I asked myself, How can I be the catalyst to help you finally BREAK THROUGH

So I dove in, head first and started to lay out the program to end Approach Anxiety ONCE AND FOR ALL

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